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Legal notary Services
In order to provide a notary service, it is required to have specialized technical legal training.
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Real estate transactions & investments
Legal advice on all real estate transactions aimed to the acquisition, use, development and exploitation of real estate.
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Wills and life planning
Power of attorney for patrimonial or personal purposes.
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Estate planning
Legal solutions offered to the client’s economic concerns to be perfectly suited to them.
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Corporate & commercial law
Our firm will assist the client on every commercial and corporate transaction during all of its stages.
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National & international business agreements
We provide advice on the negotiation, preparation, and execution contracts.
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Our working team has extensive experience while dealing with inheritance proceedings.
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Contract management and probate & trust administration
Once a contract is being executed, it is essential to manage its enforcement.
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Finance & banking law
Provides support on financing operations and collateral security.
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Alternative dispute resolutions (ADR´s) and business litigations
We believe that the ADR’s are transcendent to attract domestic and foreign investment.
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Support and coordinated services
Has forged close working relationships with law firms and businesses around the country.
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ESPINOSA.ESPINOSA NOTARY PUBLICS| ATTORNEYS AT LAW has a long standing tradition thanks to clients like you, for whom we have preserved excellence every day, providing specialized legal notary services, always in a humane and ethical way.

In our working structure, the client is located at the top, followed by the prepared members of the team, all distinguished by their vitality and determination carrying out every task entrusted to them, providing immediate attention and offering the best solutions.

Our work philosophy is based on the direct and close relationship between the client and our Legal Notary team, always trying to accomplish the development of the firm’s members.

We have a clear understanding of the Client’s concerns, whether they are personal or business matters.

The legal tools we provide as a result of the advice and solutions to the client’s needs have driven us to become one of the leading law firms in the Western Mexico, which in turn, has allowed our intervention in matters of national and international stature.

We have established good working relationships with other Mexican law firms with expertise on different areas from those that we offer, and we have created close ties with law firms abroad, mainly in the United States and Spain.

Overcoming geographical and cultural barriers, allows us to generate the empathy and the confidence every client deserves.



ESPINOSA.ESPINOSA NOTARY PUBLICS| ATTORNEYS AT LAW was founded in 1982 on the occasion of the association of Roberto Espinosa Badial with other prominent jurists, who decided to combine efforts and create a Law and Notary Firm focused in the areas of expertise that we continue to promote up to date.

Convinced that the implementation of painstaking, innovative and hard work, would lead to success, the founding partners have insisted for many years in providing a personalized, handmade and purely casuistic service.

Grow up

The passion and care dedicated to every client’s case increased the quality of the service provided, and the demand for our services grew between local, national and international clients.

The professional growth of ESPINOSA.ESPINOSA NOTARY PUBLICS| ATTORNEYS AT LAW, allowed its founders to focus on the technical and professional training of its lawyers and human resources as well as the incorporation of new elements who are still part of our team and who are insignia of our commitment and prestige. Therefore, every case is analyzed under a legal notary scope, from its beginning to its total solution.


Since 2002, Roberto Espinosa Badial became the Notary Public No. 113 of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco. He now operates independently because of structural and growth reasons, and works along with a great team of young and experienced lawyers, fully dedicated to its clients needs, supported by many years of service of its founder. Since then we offered legal notary services of national and international stature.

Having the awareness that Mexico has gained worldwide recognition due to its strong economic fundamentals and the rising expectations regarding the approval of structural reforms that may be able to boost growth and qualify the country as a regional power, the challenge of ESPINOSA.ESPINOSA NOTARY PUBLICS| ATTORNEYS AT LAW is to contribute to this national commitment, and establish itself as a leader of the legal notary firms in Mexico.


Serving our


The philosophy that characterizes ESPINOSA.ESPINOSA NOTARY PUBLICS| ATTORNEYS AT LAW motivates us to act with solidarity and responsibility towards the community around us. We focus our attention on vulnerable groups, especially on people with disabilities within the state of Jalisco, seeking to achieve the protection of their rights and integrate them in the society.

Within the Life Planning area of expertise, we have sought to revolutionize the existing legal framework creating innovative legal instruments attached to human rights principles, able to give the community members tranquility and safety on future scenarios, such as an eventual disability, terminal illness or death.

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